Surfatech - Polyglyceryl Polysters Cosmosurf® PG


Spider Esters are a series of patented materials that are oil phases that encapsulate  polar materials.





Cosmosurf© PG 1-IS                   

TDS Cosmosurf© PG 1-IS

MSDS Cosmosurf© PG 1-IS

Cosmosurf© PG 2-IS                   

TDS Cosmosurf© PG 2-IS

MSDS Cosmosurf© PG 2-IS

Cosmosurf© PG 1-OS                  

TDS Cosmosurf© PG 1-OS

MSDS Cosmosurf© PG 1-OS

Cosmosurf© PG 2-OS                  

TDS Cosmosurf© PG 2-OS

MSDS Cosmosurf© PG 2-OS