Surfatech - Spider Ester®


Spider Esters are a series of patented materials that are oil phases that encapsulate  polar materials.





  Spider Ester ESO                   

TDS Spider Ester ESO

MSDS Spider Ester ESO

Spider Ester GEC                  

TDS  Spider Ester GEC

MSDS Spider Ester GEC




2005 Brochure

2007.1 Brochure

2007.2 Brochure
2012 Brochure




Spider Presentation 2005

Spider Presentation 2007



Spider Ester ESO Lip Balm with SPF & Vitamins

Spider Ester ESO Sunscreen Cream

Spider Ester ESO Sunscreen Lotion

Spider Ester ESO Treatment Butter with Beta Hydroxy Acid & Vitamin E

Spider Ester GEC Sunscreen Stick

Spider Ester GEC Vitamin E Cream


Technical Reports


FDA Monograph




Improving Sunscreens

Solvent Effects


Spider Effect 2006


Issued U.S. Patents


  Patent Number Title
1 7,462,729 Silicone spider esters in personal care applications
2 7,473,707 Spider esters in personal care applications
3 7,569,607 Spider esters in personal care applications
4 7,723,456 Crosslinked silicone polymers based upon spider esters
5 7,858,075 Spider esters in personal care applications


US Patent Applications


  Patent Number Title
1 20090253812 Spider esters as delivery systems